Primitive Bows and Arrows


Thank you for visiting this website. Although I have been making bows for some time, I am still learning. The unique features of each piece of wood has been my teacher. I enjoy making my bows from white woods such as hickory, ash and elm. When made in the wide flat bow design these woods make very fine bows. The bow that I am shooting in the picture is hickory. It is very smooth and performs well. I am also finding that elm makes a very fine bow. With wider and longer limbs it also has very smooth shooting qualities. Many ancient bows I have seen in museums were made of elm. The reddish colored bow featured in the photo gallery is from winged elm, an excellent shooting bow.
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Due to the custom nature of Pyramid Archery, it is important for me to gather some information from you such as height, wingspan and etc. so that I can personalize your order just for you. Please feel free to call me or email me so we can get started!
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